Homes In The Shadow Of Nature – Clover Windermere

Clover Windermere offers superlative infrastructure with idyllic environs. There is no bigger pleasure than living in the lap of nature. The lush green landscapes , the gorgeous mountainous skylines and the glittering lakes are the things we have only seen in the picture postcards. But imagine if there is a place which is the exact embodiment of your idea of nature. A place which will make you feel like picture postcards have come alive. Clover Windermere is a place which does exactly that. Situated in Kawathe , the N.A. Villa plots of Clover Windermere give you an opportunity to build your retreat in the comforting shadow of nature. A home for the blissful living experience.

The mesmerizing green expanses of Kawathe provide a soul soothing ambience. To bring about an uncompromised level of comfort , these beautiful N.A. Villa plots have all the ultra-modern amenities. Considered the best Clover Realty property for sale near Pune , the thoughtfulness of the project reflects in its line of unique amenities. It’s a perfect blend of modernity and the exquisite natural surroundings. You can enjoy a competitive basketball match with your friends in the court nestled in the gorgeous greenery. Or if you are in the mood for adventure , boating in the sparkling blue lake would be quite thrilling. That’s not all , home here have numerous other features which will amplify your experience in this galore of nature.

Provisions for outdoor activities , fully equipped clubhouse and the wonderful cycling tracks paved in the pleasant green carpets. The possibilities are endless of exploring the newer dimensions of nature   in the villa plots of Clover Windermere.

Though Clover Windermere gives you a feel of peaceful seclusions it doesn’t keep you far away from the conveniences of the city life. Kawathe is well connected to Pune via Pune-Bangalore Highway. The efficient public transport service adds plenty of value to the smooth connectivity of this region. On the other hand , your N.A. plots can also be looked at as an excellent investment prospect. The development of industrial hubs and Mumbai-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor (MBIC) makes it a very promising investment destination. But above all , these beautiful N.A. Villa plots for sale near Pune , will witness your rendezvous with nature.