What Are Indian Interior Designing Concepts?

Our Indian culture is thousands of years old and our interior designing concepts and styles are a reflection of a hugely diverse and rich nation. While decorating your house in the Indian traditional way, a great way to get your color palette is to look at the warm and vibrant colors of the Indian spices. These colorful spices reflect the richness and vibrancy of our country and they look great against any white decor. A dash of gold also works well within the color scheme, adding a zing within your space.

India is famed for its vast and diverse craft and textile traditions. You get good hand-woven textiles, hand block-prints, hand embroideries, hand crafted home products, which all blend beautifully in homes. You can also use beautiful silk and stain fabrics, integrated patterns and textured furnishings in your space. Hang these fabrics on the wall, and let it act as part of your artwork.

Tiles, marble and granite are traditionally found in Indian homes and can be used extensively. You could also use timber floor. Bamboo also plays a vital role in Indian décor. Bamboo bedrooms, sofas, coasters, boxes all look very elegant and sophisticated. Hand painting on bamboo is an integral part of our folk design.

In 1580, Emperor Akbar established a carpet factory in Lahore. Carpet-weaving became common in many Indian cities thereafter. Indian carpets follow the Persian practice although there is greater use of naturalistic plant and animal motifs.

A red ground and blue border carpet covered with patterns of flower forms is typical and adds grandeur and style to your space. There are also a wide variety of accessories that take aspects of India right into your homes.

Statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses made from bronze, wood, silver or gold look very good in Indian styled rooms. Look for interesting hand carved artworks available in most stores dealing in Indian artifacts across the country. Ganeshas and Buddhas also add immense personality to any Indian home

To complete the look of a tastefully done up Indian home add dark and solid wooden furniture with some potted plant sand Voila you have a home which will be an envy of others.