5 Reasons Why You Should Totally Own A Dream Villa Near Pune

“This is the place that I love the best, A little brown house, like a ground-bird’s nest,
Hid among grasses, and vines, and trees, Summer retreat of the birds and bees.”

In this poem titled ‘My Home’, the famous American author and poetess Ella Wheeler Wilcox describes her feelings about her home but isn’t it universal? We all dream about building a home brick by brick somewhere away from the city. While living in a plush apartment, many must be dreaming about such a home or a villa that will provide a lot of space for your dreams, desires and creativity. But there places that can provide you this opportunity to make your dreams come true in the form of a villa.

Here are the reasons that will make you think about a Villa and will make you take your decisions by heart!

Experience of staying in a Villa is very different from that in a flat. You get ample amount of internal and external space. The long passages, front yard garden, backyard seating area, terrace gardens, a room dedicate to your studies or studio. You can make use of the space any way you wish to, isn’t this amazing?

You get freedom to personalize your dreams, far from the chaos of the city. Your house will stand out from the rest. It will have an individual character and a style. It can reflect your vision and represent who you truly are. Can you imagine this in a flat?

Having a Villa helps and encourages you to maintain your hobbies. If you like doing paintings they convert room or terrace in your own studio. A villa will make sure you will do things that interest you, make you feel relaxed, keeping away from the work pressures and tensions in your daily life.

Life becomes easy when all the health amenities like gardens for meditation/yoga, cycle track, highly equipped gymnasium, swimming pool, etc. are at your place. You take initiative to keep your physical health on track. The vibrant atmosphere surrounding your house contributes in keeping your mind and body fresh.

Pick up a plot that is surrounded with majestic mountains. A place that is peaceful, away from the city and nestled in nature. When you think buying such a villa, then its surroundings has to be one of the most influential factors. After all you deserve a peaceful and serene life, don’t you?

You don’t have to take much effort to search for a plot that will fulfill all your above desires. Clover Windermere brings you a rare opportunity for investing in a plot that gives the lifestyle that you are looking for. They offer you with N.A Villa Plots near Pune ranging from 3500 sq.ft. upto 10,000 sq.ft. This project located in Shirwal is one of those properties that cannot be ignored!

But this isn’t it! This project allows you to personalize your dream home. Are up for it? It’s just a beginning!

Homes In The Shadow Of Nature – Clover Windermere

Clover Windermere offers superlative infrastructure with idyllic environs. There is no bigger pleasure than living in the lap of nature. The lush green landscapes , the gorgeous mountainous skylines and the glittering lakes are the things we have only seen in the picture postcards. But imagine if there is a place which is the exact embodiment of your idea of nature. A place which will make you feel like picture postcards have come alive. Clover Windermere is a place which does exactly that. Situated in Kawathe , the N.A. Villa plots of Clover Windermere give you an opportunity to build your retreat in the comforting shadow of nature. A home for the blissful living experience.

The mesmerizing green expanses of Kawathe provide a soul soothing ambience. To bring about an uncompromised level of comfort , these beautiful N.A. Villa plots have all the ultra-modern amenities. Considered the best Clover Realty property for sale near Pune , the thoughtfulness of the project reflects in its line of unique amenities. It’s a perfect blend of modernity and the exquisite natural surroundings. You can enjoy a competitive basketball match with your friends in the court nestled in the gorgeous greenery. Or if you are in the mood for adventure , boating in the sparkling blue lake would be quite thrilling. That’s not all , home here have numerous other features which will amplify your experience in this galore of nature.

Provisions for outdoor activities , fully equipped clubhouse and the wonderful cycling tracks paved in the pleasant green carpets. The possibilities are endless of exploring the newer dimensions of nature   in the villa plots of Clover Windermere.

Though Clover Windermere gives you a feel of peaceful seclusions it doesn’t keep you far away from the conveniences of the city life. Kawathe is well connected to Pune via Pune-Bangalore Highway. The efficient public transport service adds plenty of value to the smooth connectivity of this region. On the other hand , your N.A. plots can also be looked at as an excellent investment prospect. The development of industrial hubs and Mumbai-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor (MBIC) makes it a very promising investment destination. But above all , these beautiful N.A. Villa plots for sale near Pune , will witness your rendezvous with nature.

The Refuge In Sanctuary Of Nature Will Bring Life To A Full Bloom!

An escape from the robotic, clock bound city life and a refuge in the breezy beauty of nature is the daydream of every working professional caught in the mundane of day-to-day life. An escape to a land where the sun shines brightly over the gorgeous green landscapes. It’s a fairytale portrayal of your coveted dream, isn’t it? Clover Casablanca is a residential project which skillfully gives shape to your best-kept dream. Located near the glorious Talegaon Dabhade , the homes of Clover Casablanca provides picture perfect lifestyle.

Talegaon is a unique location in more ways than one. Blessed with pleasant mountainous terrains, the soothing green expanse of Talegaon are plentifully studded with lush rolling hilltops and blossoming greens all around. But nature’s beauty is just one of the facets of Talegaon. The low-rise 1, 2 & 3 BHK homes here are meticulously pieced together with the best-in-class amenities and specifications. A plunge in the sparkling cool swimming pool will help you wash away the fatigue of the day while the cricket pitch will be the perfect place to indulge in the family fun. To add to that, the community hall, skating rink, putting green, etc. will keep the luxury quotient of your life steadily high. Life will never cease to be exciting in these homes. No wonder the 1, 2 & 3 BHK  flats for sale in Talegaon Dabhade are lapped up by property seekers.

However , the element which adds a silver lining to the prospects of Clover Casablanca is the proximity to Talegaon Dabhade. As the residential development is expanding its reach to the newer localities , Talegaon Dabhade and various locations around it are bound to undergo a systematic development in all the segments. This makes Talegaon Dabhade and the areas around it extraordinary investment destinations.

Situated on the edge of Pune-Mumbai Expressway , Talegaon enjoys smooth connectivity to all the prime localities like Hinjewadi IT Park , Talawade IT Park and the industrial regions of PCMC. Major corporations like General Motors , JCB and Foxconn have set up their plants in Talegaon MIDC. Thanks to the well-developed social infrastructure , the essential facilities like schools , colleges and hospitals are easily accessible. With all these qualities , it’s needless to say that Clover Casablanca is one of the best properties near Talegaon Dabhade for sale at this point.


Boosted Appreciation Value :

Real estate is a sought-after asset since its returns are high and often steady.  Buyers of homes near Talegaon in Pune have several reasons to smile. A good job market driven by the information technology sector, a largely end-user market compared to those that are investor driven , a floating population investing in Pune and lower price of houses when compared to other cities are factors that have boosted the appreciation in real estate.

Convenient for IT People :

Many of the localities, including Talegaon in Pune, have gained popularity with the new class of buyers who are more discerning and want more for every rupee they spend. This is the mid-income buyer who is most probably buying the apartment for his own use and, more often than not, with the help of a bank loan. One of the many pluses in favour of homes for sale near Talegaon in Pune , Pune has been convenient for people working in Information Technology (IT) companies.

About Clover Casablanca :

At Clover Casablanca homes greet you with their warmth and superior design. The interiors exhibit a sense of style for gracious living with liveliness for entertaining your friends and family. The balconies open  to the landscaped outdoors, or  to a stunning view of the clubhouse and the swimming pool, and in some cases, to the hills in the distance. A central courtyard with a tree, is a green atria for all the four to six floors of the 1, 2 and 3 BHK flats spread over 10 acres.

Amenities :

  • Cricket pitch
  • State-of-the-art clubhouse
  • Swimming pool with children’s section
  • Skating rink
  • Gym with steam and sauna
  • Community hall
  • Table tennis room
  • Indoor games room
  • Lush green landscaping and flower beds
  • Children’s play area
  • Jogging track
  • Gen back-up for common areas, lifts, pump
  • Putting Green

Perfect Investment Opportunity :

With the booming real estate and industrial development of Talegaon blended with the effortless connectivity of the Expressway, Casablanca ensures your needs are well taken care of. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or the perfect investment opportunity , Clover Casablanca is your destination!

Looking For A Second Investment Home In Pune?

Pune’s industrial growth is supported by a huge availability of trained man power from various local educational institutes. Another advantage that Pune’s industrial sector offers is the significantly lower cost of real estate when compared to other industrial hotbeds in India. The proximity to Mumbai, India’s business capital and primary port is the icing on the cake.It is an established fact that there is a direct correlation between a city’s industrial development and its real estate growth. In Pune, areas such as Pimpri-Chinchwad, Talegaon and the Chakan belt, Shirwal and Ranjangaon are centers for the manufacture and assembly of commercial vehicles, locomotives, electronic consumer durables, pharmaceuticals and a number of intermediate goods.

Tactically placed in Shirwal, Clover Windermere is an exclusive gated community project by Clover Realty that are offering NA plots for sale and land investment opportunity with a wide range of plot options from 3500 sq.ft. to 10000 sq.ft. Each plot comes with a chain link fencing though fully landscaped with trees to ensure privacy to all owners. This development combines an efficient and immaculately planned layout with the complete infrastructure required for a relaxed hassle free lifestyle.

Clover Windermere at Shirwal is a serene and tranquil lake-front property of bungalow and villa plots. Surrounded by hills at a distance and a natural habitat of aquatic birds and fauna, lies Clover Windermere, a project spread across 40 acres, with a superb range of outdoor activities like boating, fishing, cycling and more! The property has been built to encourage adventures, enjoyments, hobbies and learning new things to do.

Shirwal is a small, serene town surrounded my majestic hills and verdant greenery just 50 kms away from Pune city along the Pune-Satara Highway and barely a 3 hour drive from Mumbai. Hill stations like Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani are only an hour’s drive away. Shirwal is attracting large corporates and is poised for significant development in the years to come.

Today, Pune’s most happening growth corridors for industrial real estate are Chakan-Talegaon for auto and auto ancillary industries and the Nagar Road-Ranjangaon belt for the same sectors, in addition to consumer goods manufacturing. Shirwal is also gaining momentum, largely because of the competitive real estate prices there. Build a second dream home. Create a space that allows you to absorb and celebrate the six seasons of the Indian year

What Are Indian Interior Designing Concepts?

Our Indian culture is thousands of years old and our interior designing concepts and styles are a reflection of a hugely diverse and rich nation. While decorating your house in the Indian traditional way, a great way to get your color palette is to look at the warm and vibrant colors of the Indian spices. These colorful spices reflect the richness and vibrancy of our country and they look great against any white decor. A dash of gold also works well within the color scheme, adding a zing within your space.

India is famed for its vast and diverse craft and textile traditions. You get good hand-woven textiles, hand block-prints, hand embroideries, hand crafted home products, which all blend beautifully in homes. You can also use beautiful silk and stain fabrics, integrated patterns and textured furnishings in your space. Hang these fabrics on the wall, and let it act as part of your artwork.

Tiles, marble and granite are traditionally found in Indian homes and can be used extensively. You could also use timber floor. Bamboo also plays a vital role in Indian décor. Bamboo bedrooms, sofas, coasters, boxes all look very elegant and sophisticated. Hand painting on bamboo is an integral part of our folk design.

In 1580, Emperor Akbar established a carpet factory in Lahore. Carpet-weaving became common in many Indian cities thereafter. Indian carpets follow the Persian practice although there is greater use of naturalistic plant and animal motifs.

A red ground and blue border carpet covered with patterns of flower forms is typical and adds grandeur and style to your space. There are also a wide variety of accessories that take aspects of India right into your homes.

Statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses made from bronze, wood, silver or gold look very good in Indian styled rooms. Look for interesting hand carved artworks available in most stores dealing in Indian artifacts across the country. Ganeshas and Buddhas also add immense personality to any Indian home

To complete the look of a tastefully done up Indian home add dark and solid wooden furniture with some potted plant sand Voila you have a home which will be an envy of others.

How To Strike An Excellent Commercial Property Deal In Pune?

In the recent decade there has been an impressive development in the number of commercial properties in various parts of Pune. A growing number of locations are developing as business hubs for particular sectors and products. The strategic significance of Pune and the plethora of opportunities which this city provides has captivated the interest of a large amount of corporate houses, eminent organizations and IT industries in setting up office spaces here.

You can get steady financial profits from Commercial properties as they offer long term leases, business profits and capital appreciation. You should therefore invest in commercial property sensibly and carefully by taking advice from an expert as there is promising income potential and long term security with great returns on leases.

Look for excellent business property deals. The prime advantage that commercial properties in Pune have over residential properties is that the location where you invest does not really matter unlike residential properties as leases on commercial properties are longer than leases on residential. Always look for the advantages and benefits of investing in a particular business property.

Some are quite surprised at how a few people can immediately perceive if the commercial deal is a good realty bargain or not. Each time you are offered a commercial property deal you need to consider if you could let the deal pass. Analyze the risks involved and find out if it satisfies your targets linked to financial returns and safety of capital invested.

Some are quite surprised at how a few people can immediately perceive if the commercial deal is a good realty bargain or not. Each time you are offered a commercial property deal you need to consider if you could let the deal pass. Analyze the risks involved and find out if it satisfies your targets linked to financial returns and safety of capital invested.

Striking a good commercial property deal in Pune does not only involve  great monthly monetary returns and knowing the vendors, it also involves reliable communication. A client needs to take efforts to develop cordial alliances with proprietors of commercial properties to ensure that they can discuss about the bargains offered thus getting the best possible deal.